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While messing around with my homestay 'brother' the other day during an English class, I began showing him the various hilarious phrases you could get Google to 'autocomplete' based on most popular suggestions once you type in the first part of a statement or question. He suggested doing the same thing, except using China's own version of Google, known as Baidu. After some initially hilarious results, I pitched the idea of making this mind-blowingly random topic into a full-scale blog to my boss David who gave me the go-ahead as long as I could relate it to something vaguely Chinas Study Abroad related.
After a little bit of thought, I decided to select our top 20 client based countries and use them as the basis of my ‘question asking’. The template I used was pretty simple as in most Chinese sentences, the proper noun always goes first followed by the question. For example:

[country name – 国家 – guó jiā] + [Why is / how come – 什么 – wèi shén me ]

I then translated the results as best I could, filtered out some incredibly offensive and borderline racist responses and produced the list as follows. Please note, none of the below is written as my opinion, I am merely conveying the content collected.





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