What recruiters look for when they recruit graduates?

What recruiters look for in recent graduates is a question that fresh graduates would be asking themselves. When considering people for duties, there certain key skills and qualities which are to be analyzed for one to qualify for the position. What could be the skills and qualities? Why do they have to establish the elements? Find all your answers in the list below:

1. Commitment.

The essential skill a recruiter would want to establish during an interview is how much you dedicate yourself to the role. They tend to ask themselves questions like “does he/she portray self-drive?” This will enable the recruiter to establish if you will be competent in the role given or not. I will not be wrong to say that commitment is a very crucial ingredient in employment scenarios.

 2. Ability to lead.

Recruiters would want to know if you have the right leadership qualities. The leadership qualities will be applicable at a later date after promotion. These will also indicate your capability to contribute to the growth of the company. It is therefore important to try to practice leadership skills while at college. Every company wants to employ persons who can lead others in the future. CEOs, Managing Directors and other types of leaders had once been fresh graduates, but because of their extra ordinary leadership skills, they managed to go up the ranks.

 3. Team work.

The recruiters would  fwant to know if you are good at associating with fellow colleagues. The skill is important in terms of growth and development of the company. An efficient team payer is able to multitask and relate with fellow colleagues.

 4. Ability to solve problems.

Your response to questions asked during the interview will prove whether or not you are good at solving problems. Definitely a company would want to employ someone who can solve problems in a reasonable manner. It is almost true that every organization experience crises. Only the ones with effective crisis management strategies – which is a measure of the ability to solve problems – finally stand up on their feet again. “Can he or she be there for this company during trying times?” That is a question that goes through every employer’s mind.

 5. Expression.

This will be measured during the interview session. How you articulate and communicate will show your skills in associating with clients and fellow colleagues. You might give a correct answer but poor explanation. In addition if your position requires written work you might be asked to perform a written exercise.

 6. Confidence.

Above all you need to be confident. Believe in yourself and your ability to do the roles given. The way you respond to questions will portray your confidence. If you do not believe in yourself definitely the recruiter would not. One has to explain how capable he or she is in fulfilling the company`s roles. Stay composed and if the interviewer has a little joke respond in the same manner. Keep in mind not to exceed boundaries. Note that confidence is a show of strength.

Pauline Lahary, from Mycvfactory, wrote this article.
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