TOP 10 Worst Questions to Ask during an Interview


interviewOne of the greatest mistake that interviewees make while preparing for a job interview is to perceive that the interview will be a simple question-answer session. Well, it maybe, but the queries need not to be asked by the interviewer to the interviewee. The interviewer may decide to turn tables and ask ‘So do you have any questions you would like to ask?’
Well as you undertake to prepare for your next interview, here are 10 questions that you SHOULD never ask.


         1.“Tell me more about this firm?”

The basic idea behind an interview is to get acquainted with the interviewee and to understand their interest in the company. It is therefore expected that you should have undertaken a background check into the operations of the business as well as its history. If you pose this question, the interviewers may think you never did your homework on the firm.

2. “Any query related to salaries and benefits.”

This kind of questions should not be asked by the interviewee first. You should only ask questions related to the salary and benefits once the interviewer extends an offer or brings up these aspects first. Queries related to wages and benefits makes you look overconfident on your chances of landing the job. It ultimately cost you the opportunity.

3. “How long does it take for one to get a pay rise?”

Similarly to questions regarding salaries and benefits, queries related to reviews of compensation are a no gone zone. Unless the interviewer poses the questions first, resist the urge to pool questions in this area.

4. “Can I work from home or part-time?”

Your focus during an interview is to sell yourself to the interviewer. The interview is not a platform for you to be asking for favours. In this case, unless the job description clearly implied that the person hired could work part time or from home, avoid such queries. They may make you look lazy and non-committal.

5. “May I arrive late and leave early as long as I work the required hours?”

Work life balance may be an important aspect ofengagement of human resource in organisations today. However, it is not the premier concern of the hiring managers during the interview. You should stay clear of the subject as it depicts one as being more concerned of flexibility rather than company needs.

6. “Which firms are you in competition with?”

This question is likely to elicit concern from the hiring managers on the nature of your homework before the interview. Unless the competitor(s) information is unavailable, do not ask this question.

7.“What is your review process?”

 It is understandable for one to be concernedwith the fairness of the employee performance review process. However, asking this question on the interview day may worry the hiring managers on the ability to perform.

8.“Do you have vacations, casual Fridays, and office parties?”

 The interview is not the right platform for such queries. Save them for you fellow employees one you are hired.

9.“Do you undertake background checks on interviewees?”

 The majority of firms do conduct background checks. This question is, therefore, unwarranted and unnecessary.

10. “ I have no questions for you.”

 The hiring managers expect you to have at least one query. Whatever you do, don’t say you have no question.


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