Must Read Blogs & Social Media for Students in China

blogger-logo-300x257Getting prepped and ready for your big adventure studying Chinese in China? Here's our best round up of online resources that will help you learn more about the country you'll soon be calling home.

If you're addicted to your laptops and smart phone like we are, these different social media accounts and blogs will serve you well. Read up on China and then get your big butt over here!

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Doing Business in China

Business Meetings in ChinaFor anyone interested in doing business in China no doubt many of you have read websites giving you tips and tricks for business etiquette; but is most of it true?


In October 2014 I will be making my 10th trip to China, 90% of which has been for work related purposes.


Using the Austrade guide to doing business in China I have added and adapted to what I believe you can expect, with a few extra tips and tricks. I will forever consider myself inexperienced when it comes to doing business in China (because how can you begin to understand a country that has thousands of years of culture behind it) but I hope these basics will give you a good grounding for what to expect. 

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Pros & Cons of Volunteering While Studying in China

Studying Chinese in China is no easy undertaking. You can expect to have four+ hours of classroom time per day, and that's before you factor in all of the homework, reviewing, and prepping you'll be doing independently. Let's not forget to add having fun with your new friends and stuffing your face with delicious local Chinese dishes.
But we get it: you are a go-getter, and you want to make the absolute most of your time in China. You want to learn by doing, and you want exposure to different facets of what it means to be "Chinese" at the turn of the 21st century. You feel busy is best and know that in order to really maximize your experience, you'll need to tack on some extra curricular activities!

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Learn About Chinese Radicals: Mu 木

images 1In the original character of the top is supposed to look like leaves and branches while the bottom looks like the roots. It is used as a radical usually put on the left right or bottom of the character to indicate things associated with the tree.

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The Chinese’s Worshipping of Numbers

imagesHere is a little blog for practicing your Chinese as well as learning a bit about the culture of Numbers in China!  
The Chinese are famous for their valuation system on different numbers which originated from ancient times and is still relevant in modern times, their explanations still continue to produce new meanings.

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New Year’s Day 元旦

NYE 1As it is New Years Eve, we thought we'd give you a little explanation of some Chinese Vocab, as well as some of the customs associated with it here in China! In order to help with a little vocab we thought we'd also write it in Chinese so you can practice a little on the way!

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