Chinese Holidays to Celebrate in the Spring Semester

csa spring festivalIf you’re planning on spending your spring semester in the Middle Kingdom, you’re in for a real treat. While you may find you miss getting awkward Valentines or your heart gets a little homesick when a cartoon bunny hops by, your holiday-homesickness will be short lived. Read on for the awesome holidays to take part in while studying in China during your spring college semester!

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The 6 Biggest Misconceptions About Studying in China

the most confused traffic signsStudying in China is not for the faint of heart. Not only are you battling language barriers left and right, you’ll also be tackling an entirely different education system, one that’s heavily reliant on examinations, repetition, and face - and that’s after you’ve squared away your registration, housing, and placement tests!

For those first-timers coming to China, the easiest route to go will be to arrive with a study abroad organization (like CSA, ding ding ding!) or through your home university. If you’ve done the short-term study thing and are looking for something with a little more meat, you might very well be able to organize a year+ long program directly at a Chinese university. However, be aware of these (sometimes hard to swallow) truths about life in China for students: 

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10 Important Christmas Words in Chinese

Chinese Santa

Christmas in China has somewhat taken off. In the last last few years it has become pretty common for Christmas decorations to be seen in local shops, cafes and restaurants, which certainly helps us "laowai" get in the spirit of Christmas a little more. 

Here at CSA we thought it would be fun to give you some of the "must have" vocab of the holiday seasion. Just in case you want to show off your Chinese skills to your family over the holidays!

Let us know if we missed any truly important ones...



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The Chinese Dream and Ideological Leadership in China

Walk down any street, get on any subway, read any newspaper, and in China today all there seems to be is 梦, 中国梦, 中国梦. You would think it was the Chinese characters for iPhone 6 the way it seems to penetrate the public space so comprehensively. But no, 中国梦 (zhōngguómèng) or ‘Chinese Dream’ is actually just the latest version of socialism with Chinese characteristics; the new iPhone Xi, totally different from the previous version that existed last year, we promise.

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10 Resources for Learning about China!

Pleco small screen

We get asked a lot about what tools are the most helpful when it comes to learning Chinese or learning about China. The list is pretty much endless and as studying Chinese and China in general becomes more and more popular, the widgets, apps, add-ons and blogs continue to grow. There are always new products coming out as everyone tries to crack this notoriously difficult language, so as we come across our favourites we’ll keep letting you know about them. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list, but a just some basic pointers to set you on the right track for learning some Chinese or finding out more about China.  

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Visiting a Chinese Hospital

Hospital 1For the sake of a good blog I thoughtfully had a collision with a speedy rickshaw driver on my morning run. It wasn’t anything too dramatic but he did leave a rather large gash on my right forearm. In China, typically this means the driver should have stopped and both assisted and paid for my hospital bill. Unfortunately on first sight of a rather large, bearded foreigner, he did a pretty sharp runner before I realised I was even bleeding. Not to worry though, just means a little hospital visit to take up my morning. First stop, given it is the closest to our CSA offices I headed to the BLCU on campus clinic.

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