Governing China - Part 1

governing China

Governing China: The State, the Party, and the Military

For political scientists, China today represents a unique study in the way government and power can function outside of the familiar models we are used to seeing in the Western world. Chinese officials often speak about how we have much to learn about the way you can govern a country with a “Chinese style” of constitutional government, rule of law, and civil rights.
But these terms in the Chinese context are simply disingenuous. China has none of these things despite what it says but what it does have is no less interesting or unworthy of study, for China is a country governed like no other in the world right now.  This article looks at the three centers of political power that have helped govern the world’s most populous nation for the past 65 years and why this is so different from the way power operates in other countries.

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The End of Communism in China

Capitalist contractWhen did China start being a capitalist?

It’s pretty clear after spending any period of time in China that it is no longer a communist country in a tradition economic sense. Long snaking lines at every store for simple household goods, coupons and ration books instead of money, or behemoth state ministries controlling every aspect of economic life no longer exist in China and have not for a least a generation now. 

But when did this start? How do you change such a dramatic course in economic policy without causing the entire collapse of the economy or at the very least the ruling communist party? When did China start being a capitalist?

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Things I Wish I Knew Before I Studied in China…part 2

fast foodComing to China can be a little bit daunting but also exciting as you travel in to the unknown. Most people do a bit of research before they take their flight to prepare themselves for what to expect. We have learned that China is nothing like what people expect! Read about what I learned after my arrrival and a few things I wish I knew before I studied abroad in China!. Be sure to read part one of my two-part reflection!





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When Europe wanted to be Chinese

IDCA - Chinese Shopping MallBefore the eighteenth century, Europeans had a fairly limited knowledge about what was going on in the far-east. Most of what they knew was based on rumours or hearsay from traders returning from the Silk Road; Chinese whispers if you will. But by the middle of the 1700s Europe was beginning to collect better and more accurate information about life in China, everything from Chinese goods and art to Chinese philosophy, Chinese design and even politics. This fascination with China in mid-eighteenth century Europe even has its own name in French when it comes to design: chinoiserie.

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Paramount Leadership in China

Paramount Leaders in ChinaThis year marks the 65th anniversary of the Communist Revolution in China. While the revolution abolished much of the previous 2,000 years of the imperial Chinese system of government, it didn’t completely abolish the notion of rule by a single paramount leader. We may not call him the emperor but he stands above all others in governing Communist China. 

Eras of leadership in the People’s Republic are still distinguished by the names of the most powerful men of their respective times: Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao and now Xi Jinping. Each “emperor” had around them a cohort of apparatchik mandarins who filled the important offices of state. Together they constitute “generations” of leadership.

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45 Ways to Boost your Chinese skills

45 Ways to Boost Your Chinese

Are you quickly realizing that your semester courses on Mandarin just aren’t cutting it? If you really want to start taking your Chinese seriously and tigao that shuiping, check out these (sometimes ridiculous) ideas for boosting your Chinese skills. 



Hard luck, but your language skills are never going to be up to scratch if you continue to only study the language in your home country. The act of attending Chinese classes, whilst in China, is an unbeatable method for improving your language skills. The entire experience will be your classroom. From the moment you wake up til the moment you say “Wan an,” you’ll be living, breathing, and experiencing a world defined by Chinese characters instead of your mother tongue. It’s AWESOME and it works!

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