Common Mistakes Beginner Chinese Learners Make – part 2

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Part one of this two-part series highlighted some of the common roadblocks individuals of any second language bump into. Now let’s dive even deeper still and turn our attention to errors often made by students of the Chinese language specifically. They may seem small and silly, but heed our warnings: without due diligence, these “tiny” mistakes will come up and bite you on the butt. Ouchie.

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Chinese Holidays to Celebrate in China

You can say "zài jiàn" (goodbye) loud and strong to your turkey and Santa filled days if you plan to study Chinese in China. The good news is you can trade in these holiday favourites for hóng bāo’s(red envelopes filled with money), dragon dumplings, and moon cakes. Here's the CSA quick guide to celebrating holidays while living in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, or Dalian.
Here are our 4 favourite holidays (and a few bonuses!) to get you excited for this new chapter of holiday-fever in your life.

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How China made me FAT!

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So I’ve recently put on a few pounds of weight, nothing major, but I am definitely fatter. How do I know this? Well its not because I’m struggling to fit into my clothes or because my non-existent scales have told me so. Alas… I know because every time I see my Chinese friends or post a photo of myself on Wechat I get asked the same old question, “最近你胖了” (zuì jìn nǐ pàng le ma?) Which means, “Have you gotten fat recently?” Which is a Chinese way of rhetorically telling you that you have indeed become rather fat. To those who don’t know China that well my advice is to not get too upset by this. Unlike the West, telling someone they have gotten fatter isn’t actually that offensive as long as you use the right terminology. You are in no way obligated to believe me but trust me when I say it can sometimes be seen as a compliment as it implies that a person cares enough about another person (in this case me) to notice a difference in their appearance whether positive or well…. Not.

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Why You Should Open A Bank Account in China.

So, banking in China… It might not seem the most interesting of topics, but its something every foreign student / expat in China needs to know.
After speaking with a lot of my fellow 同学 (tóng xué men – class mates) about how they access and save their hard earned Chinese RMB, I was surprised to hear just how many of them didn’t hold bank accounts in China. Now, as a resident in China now for over 20 months, I found this very interesting, as I genuinely couldn’t imagine my life without my trusty Chinese bankcard. The general consensus amongst those without Chinese bank accounts was that they thought they ‘didn’t need it’ or thought that it was too much of a ‘hassle’ to get one. While the latter might be true at times, I genuinely feel the benefits far outweigh the negatives. To demonstrate this, I figured I’d tap out a handy blog for anyone thinking of coming to China and worrying about how they would cope financially.

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Best Ways to Learn Chinese Characters



So it is that time of year again when we students at CSA have to dust off the text books, head down to the stationary shop to stock up on supplies and get down to the nitty-gritty aspects of learning Mandarin, which is of course character memorisation.
I often get asked the question by both new and reoccurring students, “what is the best way to learn (hàn zì– Chinese Characters)?” Well, let me make it very clear by telling you there is no ‘best’ solo method in my humble opinion, its down to the individual, their educational study techniques as well as their educational background. What I can answer though is “what is you’re personal preferred method of learning 汉字?” That one is simple enough so let me provide you all with some suggestions:

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TOP 10 Worst Questions to Ask during an Interview


interviewOne of the greatest mistake that interviewees make while preparing for a job interview is to perceive that the interview will be a simple question-answer session. Well, it maybe, but the queries need not to be asked by the interviewer to the interviewee. The interviewer may decide to turn tables and ask ‘So do you have any questions you would like to ask?’
Well as you undertake to prepare for your next interview, here are 10 questions that you SHOULD never ask.


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