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What's Included in Every CSA Program?

arrivals_edit1There are many considerations to make when planning your ideal program in China. What do you want to do? Where are you going to live? What will you be doing in your free time? The real beauty is that we'll help you out with all these decisions...for free. Get in touch and we'll answer all your questions and help you get to the perfect program for you. 

We know that with so many options available, the choices can seem overwhelming. However, CSA have created a fully customizable range of program offerings that you can tailor to your exact needs and requirements to help plan the program that works best for you.

CSA has created a unique, flexible building block model for planning your ideal program.

You start by choosing what you are looking to do in China. This will give you the basis of your program.

All our programs include as standard:

  • Course tuition fees
  • Pre-departure assistance
  • Airport Pick-up 
  • All textbooks (for students who choose a study option)
  • Assistance buying a local SIM card on arrival 
  • City and local area orientation (restaurants, supermarkets etc.)
  • Registration assistance when you arrive
  • 24-hour on the ground support while you are in China. More Information ►

Customizable options:

  • Accommodation
  • Private tutoring
  • Insurance
  • Electives

Using our customizable Program Planner, you have full flexibility to choose from our list of options to plan your perfect program. These include:


From on-campus dormitories, to private apartments conveniently located near campus or even living with a Chinese family, CSA offers a comprehensive range of accommodation options open to you for your stay in China. All accommodation will be prepared for you prior to your arrival in China, so you’ll have a comfortable bed waiting for you when you arrive after a long flight! More Information ►

Private Tutoring


Private tutors are an useful addition to any CSA program.

Our private tutors are all young graduates, who have a have recently graduated with a degree in or are currently studying for a degree in teaching Mandarin as a second language or English. You can choose how many hours of private tutoring you would like to add to your program choice, either 5 or 10 hours per week, depending on your needs and requirements. Our tutors will be happy to come and meet you at any location of your choice; a local coffee shop, on your university campus or your apartment. 

Private tutors are especially useful for students looking to:

1) Go over materials learned in class

2) Gain help with your homework and coursework

3) Focus on a particular facet of Mandarin learning, be it day-to-day conversational Mandarin or newspaper reading/comprehension


Every student that studies in a Chinese university is required by law to have health insurance. CSA works with internationally recognized World Nomad Travel Insurance. This wide-ranging service includes travel insurance in case of losses during travel such as money, luggage, and documents, as well as comprehensive medical coverage at International Hospitals during your program. More Information ►


We couldn't possibly put everything up on the site that we can help with. If there is something specific you'd like to do here while studying Chinese, please let us know. That could be finding a specific type of Kung-fu teacher, or learning how to play the Erhu, or get tutoring in Chinese painting...Sorry we started getting carried away there. Our point is, just let us know and we'll find it for you! 



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