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The short-term housing market in major Chinese cities is notoriously difficult to navigate. Avoid the stress by choosing one of our centrally located, western-style housing options.

Don't waste your time in China looking for a place to stay. Maximize your trip by sorting out accommodation before arrival. All housing options will be prepared for you prior to your arrival in China, so you’ll have a comfortable bed waiting for you when you arrive after a long flight! 

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Study Plus
Enhance your study program by adding one of our "plus" programs. Travel through China, Volunteer in local orphanges or part time Intern. See below for more information. 

The Internship:  We’ll give you a few weeks to settle into your language program and figure out your workload. The week before the placements begin, you will take part in an Internship Orientation with our partners CRCC Asia. This will be a short briefing on the internship you’ve chosen, as well as outlining how to get the most out of your placement.  Your internship placement will take place 3-5 days a week for 3 months. Your last few weeks will be spent back on full time study to make sure you are ready for your exams at the end of the semester.

The Volunteering: Each month, you will join other international and Chinese students from Tsinghua University’s department of Poverty Alleviation through Education on a weekend trip to different schools in rural China to aid with volunteer work and provide extra hands for ongoing projects. It will give you a unique opportunity to visit smaller towns outside of Beijing, which not many people get to see. While the volunteering can be a bit challenging (although always fun!), remember it is a meaningful way to make a difference, as well as boost your resume, increase your self awareness, and re-assess your future goals and aspirations.

The Traveling: This is why we've teamed up with the leading backpacking adventure tour company in China to provide the best and most affordable trips around the country for you. The Dragon Trip supplies tours to STA Travel,  Real Gap,  GAP 360,  Asia Venture,  TUI PLC and CRCC Asia. This jam-packed tour takes you camping on the Great Wall, bamboo rafting in Yangshuo, and biking on Xi´an´s ancient city walls. Also, visit adorable pandas in Chengdu, see the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an, and learn some sick Kungfu moves from Shaolin Monastery! Foodies will get to enjoy mouthwatering Sichuan hotpot, farm-fresh meals, and even scorpions and snakes! Check out the tabs above for the detailed itineraries!
The Job Hunt: Get a boost to finding a job in China with a little help from some of the experts on the ground here. This package includes the assistance below from Jingjobs, MyCVFactory and EnglishTrackers
►  Automatic Sign Upload CV’s to JingJobs database
  8 Weeks of Personal Assistance from Jingjobs sending your CV to potential employers and acting as a liaison for local companies
  Downloadable packet career advice articles for jobseekers looking for more in-depth info on the job hunt in China
  CV translation into Chinese
  90 Minute Linkedin Workshop
  CV Template from MyCVFactory
  Rewrite/redesign of English CV to suit China HR Companies
  China relevant tips on networking and contacting employers
  Weekly Individual email updates on the latest job listings
  Weekly Wechat updates with the newest JingNews articles
  Business Cards (set of 200) 

Maximize your time in China with a private tutor! China Study Abroad offers friendly, qualified Chinese tutors who work with you in 1-on-1 study sessions to enhance your learning experience and it is a perfect complement to your universtiy language program.

CSA provides experienced and enthusiastic tutors who can help students of any level, from beginner to advanced. You can arrange to meet your tutor around your schedule, at a location that you choose! You can even decide what to work on, whether it be classwork or another topic.

Private tutors are especially useful for students looking to:

1) Go over materials learned in class
2) Gain help with your homework and coursework
3) Focus on a particular facet of Mandarin learning, be it day-to-day conversational Mandarin or newspaper reading/comprehension

We offer the tutoring packages in increments of 50 hours. If you are looking for more or less, please get in touch and we’ll see what we can help out with. 

Add to your experience in China by volunteering while you study. Take time out of your schedule to spend 3 separate weekends away in rural China volunteering. As well as monthly visits to a local orphanage.

Through the Poverty Alleviation Department at Tsinghua University you'll get to spend 3 weekends away in rural China helping out with other like minded Chinese students. You'll also spend one day a month at a local orphanage, and with the rest of the volunteers be responsible for one fundraising activity during your semester in China.

City Trips & Cooking Classes
We've teamed up with the experts over at The Hutong to offer access to their awesome and informative city tours and cooking courses. You can choose how many you like below and are free to sign up for and attend any of the tours or classes they offer!
On top of these there will still be other cultural and social events taking place every semester. Our rules are as long as it is an experience, it is worth it. It may be a Beijing GuoAn Soccer/Football game, or a particular art exhibition from an up and coming Chinese artist. If it is expanding horizons and makes your week less average (if that is even possible in China), then we’ll endorse and encourage it. As we like to say at China Study Abroad, experience matters.
Check out their day trips here
Check out their cooking classes here

Come to China with peace of mind when you buy your travel insurance with China Study Abroad! CSA offers the option of comprehensive travel and medical insurance for the entire duration of your program, underwritten Global Benefits Group (GBG), an international insurance company. Click here for more details.

Foreign students coming to China are required to be insured for the duration of their stay in China. If you are already covered by an existing policy, please send us a copy of your insurance certificate. Otherwise, why not buy your insurance with CSA and save yourself the hassle? Click here to purchase now!

Beijing Stopover
Come to Beijing for a few days before you start your course! Meet the CSA Beijing staff and students and have an opportunity to visit some of the famous historical sights of this ancient city before starting your study program.

This option includes airport pick up from Beijing Capital Airport, 2 nights in a 3* Hotel, Welcome Dinner and transfer to the train station to your study program city.
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