11_Literal_Translations_of_Chinese_Words.jpgWhile studying any foreign language, your teacher will no doubt tell you not to translate words or phrases literally back into English. Well, sometimes doing so uncovers accidental, or not-so-accidental, gems. Below are a list of eleven words in Mandarin whose characters translated word-for-word back into English reveal some insight into their naming process, or at the least, help make them easier to remember...
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     I have the luxury of living beside a rather picturesque mountain in the outskirts of Beijing. I wont lie to you all, its lovely! Not too polluted, very cheap, perfect. Except for one thing, Beijing is a big city, and I live a tad far (11 km) away from my university (BLCU) which I must attend every weekday morning for class. This leaves me with the slight problem of commuting the distance during the famous Beijing rush hour. To help you put my problem into perspective, Beijing has over 20 million people, all of whom seemingly want to get on the exact bus I want to at 0730 on a freezing Monday morning. I am not alone in this probpem though, no matter where you live in Beijing you will at somepoint have a commute on your hands, whether it is to your university, local supermarket, tutors house or just downtown Beijing. The following is my attempt at a transport graduates review of Beijing’s transport network to allow for some little extra planning before coming to China:
  • images 1In the original character of the top is supposed to look like leaves and branches while the bottom looks like the roots. It is used as a radical usually put on the left right or bottom of the character to indicate things associated with the tree.

  • NYE 1As it is New Years Eve, we thought we'd give you a little explanation of some Chinese Vocab, as well as some of the customs associated with it here in China! In order to help with a little vocab we thought we'd also write it in Chinese so you can practice a little on the way!

  • imagesHere is a little blog for practicing your Chinese as well as learning a bit about the culture of Numbers in China! 
    The Chinese are famous for their valuation system on different numbers which originated from ancient times and is still relevant in modern times, their explanations still continue to produce new meanings.
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    Upon boarding my final flight from Toronto to Tianjin, I could already start to visualize my adventures in this new and unfamiliar country. Although being of Chinese decent, it’s quite unfortunate that I never picked up Mandarin as a child. Sticking with English growing up was just the most convenient in a household with 6 collective languages. As I eagerly wait for my long journey to China to begin, the stewardess pleasantly making the rounds approached me and cheerfully said something to me in Mandarin. After a long pause and a blank gaze on my end and a confused look on hers, I realized being a *Huayi in China would be quite the experience.

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