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    So I’ve recently put on a few pounds of weight, nothing major, but I am definitely fatter. How do I know this? Well its not because I’m struggling to fit into my clothes or because my non-existent scales have told me so. Alas… I know because every time I see my Chinese friends or post a photo of myself on Wechat I get asked the same old question, “最近你胖了” (zuì jìn nǐ pàng le ma?) Which means, “Have you gotten fat recently?” Which is a Chinese way of rhetorically telling you that you have indeed become rather fat. To those who don’t know China that well my advice is to not get too upset by this. Unlike the West, telling someone they have gotten fatter isn’t actually that offensive as long as you use the right terminology. You are in no way obligated to believe me but trust me when I say it can sometimes be seen as a compliment as it implies that a person cares enough about another person (in this case me) to notice a difference in their appearance whether positive or well…. Not.

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    After my first visit to China in a student capacity it soon occurred to me I had a bit of a new problem I had not really experienced in my previous visits as a tourist, how was I to order food by myself?
    While I cannot deny that this was somewhat of a problem on my past visits to China as a tourist, I never really strayed too far from English speaking company or touristic zones meaning I could often find English translations or a ‘tourists best friend’ – a restaurant with pictures.
  • chinese foodAs an American, I am accustomed to lots of delicious fake Chinese food. Always fried to perfection, somehow made shinier than a new car, and finally packaged in iconic Chinese takeaway boxes. American Chinese cuisine is very satisfying. It is often even prepared by Chinese-Americans, who were born in China, which leaves us thinking that it must be authentic...sort of.

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