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    11_Literal_Translations_of_Chinese_Words.jpgWhile studying any foreign language, your teacher will no doubt tell you not to translate words or phrases literally back into English. Well, sometimes doing so uncovers accidental, or not-so-accidental, gems. Below are a list of eleven words in Mandarin whose characters translated word-for-word back into English reveal some insight into their naming process, or at the least, help make them easier to remember...
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    Studying in China is not for the faint hearted. Not only are you battling language barriers left and right, you’ll also be tackling an entirely different education system, one that’s heavily reliant on examinations, repetition, and face - and that’s after you’ve squared away your registration, housing, and placement tests!
    For those first-timers coming to China, the easiest route to go will be to arrive with a study abroad organisation (like CSA, ding ding ding!) or through your home university. If you’ve done the short-term study thing and are looking for something with a little more meat, you might very well be able to organise a year+ long program directly at a Chinese university. However, be aware of these (sometimes hard to swallow) truths about life in China for students:
  • “You, me, together tomorrow marry.” Was that a proposal attempt? Nope. Just a typical attempt at a conversation in English with Xiwen, my roommate for the next 3 months. After my look of total confusion, she translates to Chinese. We’re going to wedding in two days. I’ve heard different things about weddings in China, so I knew this was going to be an experience.

  • blogger-logo-300x257Getting prepped and ready for your big adventure studying Chinese in China? Here's our best round up of online resources that will help you learn more about the country you'll soon be calling home.

    If you're addicted to your laptops and smart phone like we are, these different social media accounts and blogs will serve you well. Read up on China and then get your big butt over here!

  • chinesedoctorThe following is a small excerpt from a book I may or may not be writing:
    “A medical check up! Again? I only did one six months ago, can I simply not use that?” I said with some bemusement, with a dash of rising realisation. “No, its no longer valid as you can only use it once,” – came the swift yet damning reply. My crime? I had been home during a study break to see my family as well as get a new visa. My punishment? Another health check-up courtesy of the Chinese government, I sighed in resignation to my impending fate…
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    (or at least what is outside of Wudaokou….)

    On numerous times I have heard fellow classmates tell me that they are heading home soon and in their whole time here they haven’t done anything except for activities based in Wudaokou.

    Alarm bells go off in my head! I think to myself…. your about to leave a country that has thousands of years of history without experiencing one single cultural or historical site? Wow!

    Many people don’t seem to realise what an opportunity they have when they come to Beijing to experience something that will be unlike anything else they can experience in the world.

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    Upon boarding my final flight from Toronto to Tianjin, I could already start to visualize my adventures in this new and unfamiliar country. Although being of Chinese decent, it’s quite unfortunate that I never picked up Mandarin as a child. Sticking with English growing up was just the most convenient in a household with 6 collective languages. As I eagerly wait for my long journey to China to begin, the stewardess pleasantly making the rounds approached me and cheerfully said something to me in Mandarin. After a long pause and a blank gaze on my end and a confused look on hers, I realized being a *Huayi in China would be quite the experience.

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