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    So it is that time of year again when we students at CSA have to dust off the text books, head down to the stationary shop to stock up on supplies and get down to the nitty-gritty aspects of learning Mandarin, which is of course character memorisation.
    I often get asked the question by both new and reoccurring students, “what is the best way to learn (hàn zì– Chinese Characters)?” Well, let me make it very clear by telling you there is no ‘best’ solo method in my humble opinion, its down to the individual, their educational study techniques as well as their educational background. What I can answer though is “what is you’re personal preferred method of learning 汉字?”That one is simple enough so let me provide you all with some suggestions:
  • the most confused traffic signsStudying in China is not for the faint of heart. Not only are you battling language barriers left and right, you’ll also be tackling an entirely different education system, one that’s heavily reliant on examinations, repetition, and face - and that’s after you’ve squared away your registration, housing, and placement tests!

    For those first-timers coming to China, the easiest route to go will be to arrive with a study abroad organization (like CSA, ding ding ding!) or through your home university. If you’ve done the short-term study thing and are looking for something with a little more meat, you might very well be able to organize a year+ long program directly at a Chinese university. However, be aware of these (sometimes hard to swallow) truths about life in China for students: 

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    Upon boarding my final flight from Toronto to Tianjin, I could already start to visualize my adventures in this new and unfamiliar country. Although being of Chinese decent, it’s quite unfortunate that I never picked up Mandarin as a child. Sticking with English growing up was just the most convenient in a household with 6 collective languages. As I eagerly wait for my long journey to China to begin, the stewardess pleasantly making the rounds approached me and cheerfully said something to me in Mandarin. After a long pause and a blank gaze on my end and a confused look on hers, I realized being a *Huayi in China would be quite the experience.

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