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    11_Literal_Translations_of_Chinese_Words.jpgWhile studying any foreign language, your teacher will no doubt tell you not to translate words or phrases literally back into English. Well, sometimes doing so uncovers accidental, or not-so-accidental, gems. Below are a list of eleven words in Mandarin whose characters translated word-for-word back into English reveal some insight into their naming process, or at the least, help make them easier to remember...
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    Studying in China is not for the faint hearted. Not only are you battling language barriers left and right, you’ll also be tackling an entirely different education system, one that’s heavily reliant on examinations, repetition, and face - and that’s after you’ve squared away your registration, housing, and placement tests!
    For those first-timers coming to China, the easiest route to go will be to arrive with a study abroad organisation (like CSA, ding ding ding!) or through your home university. If you’ve done the short-term study thing and are looking for something with a little more meat, you might very well be able to organise a year+ long program directly at a Chinese university. However, be aware of these (sometimes hard to swallow) truths about life in China for students:
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    confused-studentAs I am sure we are all aware of by this point, learning the Chinese language is no walk in the park. In some ways, Mandarin learners who move to China to study have their work cut out for them – after all, your entire environment presents learning opportunities. Easy peezy, right??
    However, in our excitement for moving abroad and anticipation of how living in China will do wonders for your language skills, we tend to overlook the number of real challenges that face students in a Chinese language classroom.

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    It's no secret that learning Chinese is difficult, but you can certainly have fun doing it! I've compiled this list of my top five favorite digitial tools to help with learning Chinese. It's worth noting that I am a beginner so this list is probably most appropartate for those in the beginner to intermediate range. 

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    If you are a regular reader of the CSA blog, you will no doubt have seen multiple blogs encouraging noble attributes such as hard work, commitment and mental endurance. Well intentioned as they are, they fail to take into account some of the realities of studying Chinese in China. I like to think I live a very disciplined life, I don’t smoke or drink (much), I’m financially prudent to an extent and usually do all my homework on time. However, I do have one major weakness. What is it I hear you (not) asking? Is it fast cars? Beautiful women? Both? No, it’s much less exciting but equally awesome, it’s the frequent ‘lazy Sunday’ of course.
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