Short-Term Mandarin Chinese Language Programs

Have you always felt drawn to travel in China, but are gun-shy to commit to a program longer than a few weeks? Is your schedule jam-packed, or your vacation time from work limited?

If you only have a few weeks to commit to studying Chinese in China, you've come to the right place. We've got a program just for you. Actually - on second thought - we've got programs just for you. Check out the number of short-term Chinese language program options we have available for those who don't have months and months to frolic around China.

Program Snapshot

  • Available year round.
  • Programs operate in Beijing ONLY.
  • Accessible for all levels of Chinese study.
  • Character learning potential: 100-1000 characters (Wow!).
  • Costs vary. See our program planner to design your perfect program today.

When do the programs run, and where are they offered?

Our short-term language programs' availability varies from program to program, and are offered at the Beijing Mandarin Academy and BLCU.

The Beijing Mandarin Academy (BMA) is our most flexible short-term Chinese language program option. BMA provides courses year-round, ranging in length from two weeks to one year, with start dates every Monday. This is a great option for students whose schedules do not align with BLCU's short-term course options.

BLCU offers the most short-term Mandarin courses of any Chinese university. At BLCU, you can enrol in 4, 5, 6, and 8-week courses, depending on the time of year. Start dates are year-round but adhere to a preset schedule. For more information, please visit our Dates & Fees page.

Tell me more about the BMA program.

BMA's flexible course offerings are an attractive element for students on a tight schedule. BMA courses are held Monday through Friday for 3 hours at a time, and class sizes rarely exceed more than 10 students. Many of our short-term language students cite the small group atmosphere as positively affecting their overall knowledge gain while studying abroad in China. BMA's Chinese classes emphasize speaking and listening Mandarin skills, but also have high expectations for students' ability to read and write in Mandarin.

BMA's teachers specialize in working with foreigners who are studying Mandarin. For those ultra-keen students who'd like to bulk up their classroom hours, consider adding on our private tutoring option for 5 or 10 hours each week.

What about BLCU's short-term Chinese language program?

BLCU's short-term Chinese programs are a good fit for students who succeed in a traditional learning environment. All courses are offered on campus in a formal classroom, and class sizes typically range from 15-20 students. BLCU's short-term programs come with all the goodies of university life, including access to a library, cafeterias, student events and even dormitory housing.

BLCU's Chinese classes are very comprehensive, with balanced attention given to practising spoken and written Chinese. BLCU hasn't become a world-renowned Chinese learning university by accident. As our most popular program, students who can align their availability with BLCU's course offerings won't be disappointed!

How much do these Chinese programs cost?

Short-term language programs vary in price dependent on your goals and needs while studying in China. For example our private apartments cost more than our dormitory housing, or you might opt to scratch accommodations from your program altogether. To get a more concrete idea of what you're in for before you bust out your checkbook, craft your very own program using our Program Planning Tool.

Are short-term Chinese language programs really worth it? 

Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes! Short-term programs, especially those that operate out of the "Motherland" of your target language, provide gripping foundational benefits. For beginners, in particular, there's no better way to tumble into the world of learning Chinese than by learning under native speakers and living out the language in your everyday life.

Short-term programs also allow you to hyper-specialize. If you're keen to learn a particular subset of the Chinese language, such as business Chinese, you'll be able to efficiently and effectively build your skills. If you'd rather focus on spoken Chinese overwritten, you're in luck.

For those students who already have a jump start on studying Chinese, it is a good opportunity to check in on your skills. Are your tones up to snuff? Can you get from point A to point B without wanting to rip your hair out? Do the locals understand you?

Short-term programs allow you to dial in on your current capabilities and set realistic goals for where you want to be in 2-8 weeks. Don't miss out on this opportunity to travel in China and learn Chinese while you're at it!

Remind me again where I can study in China short-term?

Short-term courses are available at the following schools in the beautiful, bustling capital city of Beijing:

Mandarin Academy

More Information

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