12 Weeks

12 Week Mandarin Chinese Language Programs 

Have 3 months to dedicate to learning Chinese? You (and your Mandarin language skills!) won't be sorry! Read on for more details on this mid-length program for studying in China.

Program Snapshot

  • Programs operate in Beijing only.
  • Programs offered year-round at BMA or spring/fall at BLCU.
  • Accessible for all levels of Chinese study.
  • Character learning potential: 1200-1500 characters (Suh-weet!).
  • Costs vary. See our program planner to design your perfect program today.

When do the programs run?

The 12 Week Chinese language program is available only in Beijing, and can be completed at the Beijing Culture and Language University (BLCU) or at the Beijing Mandarin Academy (BMA). BLCU's program is run twice annually, with one program beginning in September and ending at the beginning of December, and one program beginning in March and ending in mid-June. The program start dates coincide with the semester Chinese programs at BLCU. BMA's 12 week language course is more flexible. Please see our Dates and Fees section for fixed start dates for this program at BLCU in the coming year, or to get the ball rolling on your BMA program.

What's the difference between BLCU's Chinese language program and BMA?

BLCU and BMA cater to two very different types of learning methods and students, while still maintaining an incredible and comprehensive learning opportunity. Chinese courses at BLCU are typically larger, with class sizes ranging from 15-25 students. These programs are on a university campus, and come with all the bells and whistles therein - a campus cafeteria, dormitory accommodation options, and a large international student population to boot. Classes at BLCU are 4 hours per day, 5 days per week and are typically held in the morning or afternoon block. You will be expected to complete a final exam upon exiting the program.

BMA's programs are much smaller in size, rarely exceeding 10 students. The BMA program offers more flexibility, and the small-group learning method can be highly beneficial. The smaller cohort means more undivided attention from your teacher. Comparatively, BMA places a higher emphasis on mastering spoken Chinese; students who are keen to focus their studies on this specific aspect of the Chinese language will be happier with a placement at the Mandarin Academy. BMA's courses are 3 hours per day to account for the intensity of the small-group learning.

Regardless, both programs provide a well rounded introduction to the Chinese language, covering speaking, writing, reading, and listening regularly. Both programs require a placement test to determine which level is most suitable for your current language skills. As well, both BLCU and BMA boast teachers who specialize in teaching Chinese as a foreign language to international students. No matter what, you are going to walk away from the program with an increased understanding of the Chinese culture and quite a number of new characters under your belt!

How much do the programs cost?

CSA Programs fit any budget. Using our customizable Program Planner, you have full flexibility to choose from our list of options to plan your perfect program. At every point, you will know exactly what is included in your Mandarin program and how much it is going to cost you (no silly hidden fees here!).

Where can I study in Beijing?

12 Week courses are available at the following schools in Beijing. BLCU's programs follow fixed program dates, whereas the Mandarin Academy's programs can start any week of the year! Click on the links below to learn more information about each of these exciting program options.

Mandarin Academy

More information

To find out more information on this exciting opportunity to study Chinese in China, follow the links above or pop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We'll see you soon!

Apply Now Don't have time for a full semester of study? Not a problem, come and experience 12 glorious weeks in Beijing!
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