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Semester and Year-Long Mandarin Chinese Language Programs

Have a few months or even a year to dedicate to studying Chinese in China? You're in luck! Many Chinese universities offer programs specifically for international students who are able to spare more than a summer or a few short weeks. You'll be in the company of other students from around the world, not to mention enjoy the buzzing campus life of all of your Chinese peers!

Read on for more information about China Study Abroad's semester and year-long Mandarin Chinese language programs in BeijingKunmingHaikou, Shanghai, Tianjin, and Dalian.

Program Snapshot

  • Spring or fall semester programs available.
  • Programs operate in Beijing, Kunming, Shanghai, Dalian, or Tianjin.
  • Accessible for all levels of Chinese study.
  • Character learning potential: 1500-2000 characters (Wow!).
  • Costs vary. See our program planner to design your perfect program today.

When do these Mandarin programs run?

Chinese universities follow a two-semester system to comprise a full year of study. A year-long course consists of two consecutive semesters; either Spring followed by Fall, or Fall followed by Spring. The fall semester typically runs between September and early January. Spring semester starts in late February/early March and runs through mid to late June.

Each semester lasts about 18 weeks (whoa!), and follows the Lunar calendar. With that in mind, the course start/end dates depend largely on the timing of the Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival. Students in China enjoy an extended winter break in January and February, as well as a long summer break in July and August.

Exact start and end dates vary depending on the Chinese school. See our Dates and Fees section for exact start dates for each of our partner universities in China.

Program Add-On's

Students wanting to kick their Chinese studies up a notch might consider coupling their school work with an internship, a volunteer project, or private tutoring. For our slightly more nomadic friends, we also offer excellent travel options to tack onto your studies - who said all of your learning had to be in the classroom, anyway?!

How much do these Chinese language programs cost?

CSA Programs fit any budget. Using our customizable Program Planner, you have full flexibility to choose from our list of options to plan your perfect Chinese language program. Wanting to organize your own accommodation? You got it. Prefer to spend more time in the classroom with a private tutor? No problem.

Tailor-made programs are special in that you won't be just another student shuffling along a pre-determined way of life in China; instead, you can play an active part in designing a program that best fits your academic goals and needs. We encourage our students to play an active role in customizing their ideal China Study Abroad program!

What are the perks of studying abroad for a semester or an academic year?

Studying abroad for a shorter period of time, such as a month or for the summer, affords students the opportunity to get a taste of life abroad. But just as they're getting situated, they're more or less getting back on the plane and heading home. Instead of feeling like a perpetual tourist, students who commit to studying in China for a semester or a year are essentially in less of a rush to experience all that China has the offer. You'll be able to get situated, make your new city feel more like a home, and get to know the local culture without your nose stuck in a guidebook.

And that's not even mentioning the wonders that staying for a longer amount of time will do for your language skills! Studying for a semester or year in China allows you to develop a rhythm for your classes, and acclimate to the different expectations in the classroom. You'll be properly tested for your skills (think: midterms at week 10 and a final at week 20!), which gives you a benchmark that is more tangible to work towards.

The cons of studying abroad for so long? They're hard to name. Of course, studying in China for longer will end up costing you more, but you'll certainly get a higher return on the investment. You might also battle culture shock and miss football season or mom's home cooking, but you'll be learning a ton, having adventures every day, and gaining self-awareness to a degree you'd never experience back at home.

To sum it up, our students typically only cite a single regret upon leaving China - they wish they had stayed longer. Heed their advice!

Where in China can I study abroad for a semester or year?

The paradox of choice, our friends! Semester and year-long Chinese language courses are available at the following universities in China: BeijingKunmingHaikou, ShanghaiTianjin, and Dalian.

More information

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