Summer Chinese Language Programs

You *could* spend this summer hanging out with your college friends at your old haunts, working a dead end job, or binge watching Netflix. OR... You *could* spend your summer studying abroad in China, learning the most widely spoken language in the world, gaining a competitive edge in the job market, and growing in ways you never thought possible- all in the company of futuristic sky scrapers, ancient temples, interesting international friends, and, of course, delicious, authentic Chinese food.

Read on for more information on how you can spend your summer studying abroad in China.

Program Snapshot

  • Programs available for 4-12 weeks.
  • Programs operate in Beijing and Shanghai.
  • Accessible for all levels of Chinese study.
  • Character learning potential: 200-800 characters (Wow!).
  • Costs vary. See our program planner to design your perfect program today.

When do these Chinese language programs run?

Our summer programs, as you might have guessed, are run every summer! In terms of length, there are a variety of options open to you, ranging from 4 weeks to 12 weeks. If you choose to study at one of our partner universities in Beijing or Shanghai, the start and end dates of the program are fixed. Be sure to check out our Dates and Fees section to see exact program dates for studying abroad in China in the summer.

For more flexibility, students may choose to study abroad at the Beijing Mandarin Academy. This program is fully accommodating to your preferred travel dates, with new programs starting weekly.

So, uh, how much is this Chinese program gonna cost me?

CSA programs can fit any budget. Using our customizable Program Planner, you have full flexibility to choose from our list of options to plan your perfect program. These options, including accommodation, cultural activities, and private tutoring are fully customizable, so at every point you will know exactly what is included in your program and how much it is going to cost you. Budgeting FTW!

The Perks of Studying Abroad in the Summer

Especially for first-time travelers, studying abroad for a semester or a year can seem overwhelmingly daunting (and a little bit scary!). Why not dip your toes in the travel-addict water by committing to a short-term summer program for your first go at it? These programs are still heavily focused on mastering Chinese, despite the shorter length of time. With the right attitude and commitment to their studies, students can walk away from a summer program with the equivalent of a semester of Chinese study under their belt.

What's more, you'll be able to spend your free time exploring the local neighborhoods or taking weekend trips to nearby cities. It'll be a busy trip, no doubt - there's much to see and do (and eat!) around Beijing and Shanghai.

Study in China over the summer and avoid the high costs of long-term programs - you'll still have a life-changing experience abroad. You won't feel too much FOMO, and will still be able to upkeep your regular on-campus commitments and academic schedule at your university back home. In short, if you've only got a few weeks to study abroad next summer, just do it. Your only regret will be not bringing bigger pants for after every meal time. 

Where in China can I study abroad for the summer?

Summer Chinese language courses are available at the following Chinese universities and language schools:

Beijing Shanghai
Mandarin Academy Fudan University
BLCU Jiaotong University

More information

Learn more program details and get your questions answered! Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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