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Tianjin Foreign Studies University

天津外国语大学 Tiānjīn wàiguóyǔ dàxué, also known colloquially as 天大 Tiāndà

Tianjin.LogoTianjin Foreign Studies University specialises in higher learning in liberal arts, including foreign languages and literature. Based on two campuses and located close to the city centre, TFSU is home to nearly 10,000 students.

TFSU has established many international academic and cultural exchanges with universities and institutions all over the world. These include 70 universities and and a number of educational institutions in 18 countries. Attracting students from Europe, USA, Russia and South Korea, TFSU is an ideal location to experience and live within the Chinese culture, as well as learning more about a variety of other cultures.

All CSA Programs include:
Transportation: Airport pick up
Welcome Pack: Includes local mobile phone and orientation materials
Orientation: Local orientation materials including city map, emergency card, taxi card and welcome dinner
24 Hour Assistance: Should any problems arise at any time during the program, CSA staff members will be available on call anytime day or night! 


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Our two cents...

One of the favorite weekend destinations for the CSA Beijing staff, Tianjin is a mere 20 minute high speed train from the capital. Tianjin is the perfect place for those wanting a immersive experience in China offered by most second tier cities, but still like the idea of being able to escape for a day trip or weekend to Beijing.

Like many of the coastal cities in China, the extensive colonial architecture gives it a comforting and cozy feel. Being smaller than Beijing and Shanghai, the local population are incredibly friendly, polite and can be more receptive to foreigners looking to practice their Mandarin than in Beijing or Shanghai.

Tianjin is perfect for you if you are looking for:

  • A more immersive experience than Beijing or Shanghai
  • A second tier city that is a stones throw from Beijing
  • A hometown feel to your stay in China
  • A beautiful coastal city of historical significance


Want the best of Beijing without the cost? If this is the case, Tianjin is just perfect for you, a cheaper city just 30 minutes away from Beijing by train.

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